Boundless CFX+ (Plus)

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  • Newest version (2023.04)
  • Simple to use
  • Large colour display
  • Can hold up to 0.5 grams of herbs
  • Ceramic heating chamber
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Full temperature control (121°C to 221°C)
  • Zirconia cooling air path
  • Built-in stirring tool
  • USB-C charging port
  • Easy to clean

Who is the Boundless CFX+ for?

After the big success with the original Boundless CFX it’s no surprise that Boundless decided to continue developing it, and this has resulted in the long-awaited Boundless CFX+.

The Boundless CFX+ is for those who value effortless vaping and portability over customisability. It might not have all the features of other brands, but it excels at what’s most important – producing high quality vapour. If you’re exclusively vaping herbs and want a reliable vape you can bring with you everywhere the CFX+ is an excellent choice.

Maximising flavour

Like all other vapes from Boundless, you will enjoy how quickly and thoroughly the CFX+ turns your herbs into flavourful and dense vapour. The ceramic heating chamber utilizes conduction heating and takes around 30 seconds to reach vaping temperatures.

New for the CFX+ is also the cooling air path made of Zirconia. The spiralling design of the air path ensures that the vapour is cooler and therefore more comfortable to inhale than before.

New shape

With its smaller and more durable design, the Boundless CFX+ is perfect for bringing with you when you’re leaving home. It also has a silicone coating that will keep your device safe from drops or scratches!

Even though the unit itself is smaller, the chamber of the CFX+ is still very large for being a portable vaporizer and can easily fit 0.5 grams of loosely packed herbs.

Large colour display

The thing that makes the Boundless CFX+ stand out compared to other vapes is the large colour display that lets you know all the important information in a beautiful interface. Use the buttons on the side of the unit to select the settings you prefer and then select “Start” to initiate the heating process. Doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Once you’ve started the session the vibrant display will show the selected temperature, the current temperature and how long is left on the current session before the heating is automatically turned off.

Find the perfect temperature

With the Boundless CFX+, you have two options to select the temperatures; pre-set mode or precision mode. In the pre-set mode you select between four temperatures – 171, 188, 204 or 221°C - while in precision mode you can choose any temperature you want from 121 to 221°C.


The Boundless CFX+ allows you to customise your sessions by setting the session timer (2, 4, 6, or 8 minutes) to ensure you always have time to finish longer sessions without having to worry about the battery getting drained.

You can also choose between low or high brightness which means it’s comfortable to look at the display both in dark rooms and outside in bright sunlight.

If you want to change any of the settings all you have to do is press the up and down buttons after the unit has been turned on.

Magnetic mouthpiece

The Boundless CFX+ comes with an upgraded magnetic mouthpiece that not only allows for easier cleaning but it also makes filling the chamber with herbs easier and quicker.

Built-in stirring tool

The built-in stirring tool is located underneath the mouthpiece and it can be used to stir your herbs during a session and help with emptying out once you're done.

How to use the Boundless CFX+

  • Remove the magnetic mouthpiece to reveal the chamber.
  • Fill the chamber lightly with herbs.
  • Reattach the mouthpiece.
  • Start the unit by pressing the up and down buttons and wait for it to vibrate (3 seconds).
  • The Boundless CFX+ will now begin heating to the latest temperature setting. You can also change the desired temperature by pushing the up or down button.
  • Wait for it to reach the selected temperature wait for the vibration (around 30 seconds). Tip: wait a little longer after the vibration if you want even more dense vapour.
  • The tasty vapour is now ready to be inhaled through the mouthpiece. Enjoy!

Now with USB-C charging

Perhaps the biggest upgrade compared to the original Boundless CFX is the USB-C charging port. You can now charge the two built-in 2500 mAh batteries in under an hour which means less charging and more vaping!

Easy to clean

The Boundless CFX+ is one of the easiest vapes to keep clean. The only regular cleaning you have to do is use the included cleaning tool and stirring tool to remove the herbs from the chamber once your session is done.

To do a deeper clean, use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs on everything except the silicone mouthpiece screen holder which should only be cleaned by rinsing it through warm water.


All Boundless CFX+ vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorised distributor of Boundless, are completely authentic and backed by a 3-year warranty.

Boundless CFX+ (Plus)


  • Boundless CFX+ (Plus) vaporizer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Stirring tool
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction manual
Boundless CFX+ (Plus)

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Več informacij
Velikost: 7.0 × 3.0 × 10.0 cm
Teža: 284 g
Segrevanje: Conduction
Čas segrevanja: 30 seconds
Vir napajanja: Battery (2 × 2500 mAh)
Temperatura: 121°C to 221°C
Proizvajalec: Boundless
Garancija: 3 years
Država proizvajalka: China

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