TightVac Capsule Holder for Large Capsules

19 €
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The TightVac Capsule Holder for Large Capsules neatly organises dosing capsules from Storz & Bickel and dosing capsules for the Angus vaporizer.

  • 4 numbered columns fitting 7 Storz & Bickel or 4 Angus capsules in each column
  • Total capacity of 28 Storz & Bickel or 16 Angus capsules
  • Side storage for herbs, smaller tools, or used capsules

The capsule holder made of durable plastic and fits perfectly inside the TightVac MiniVac 0.12 L container (sold separately).

When the holder is placed in a TightVac MiniVac, the columns secure capsules from top to bottom for protected storage and transportation.

Thanks to the airtight seal of the TightVac, your herbs remain fresh, and any odours are contained within.

Intended for use with: .

This holder is designed for larger dosing capsules. For smaller capsules (XMax, XVape, Tinymight, Wolkenkraft or Flowermate), you should instead get the Capsule Holder for Small Capsules.